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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a tattooing process, performed to enhance the natural features of your face -- eyebrows, eyeliner, lips!  Other applications include scalp pigmentation, areola pigmentation for cancer survivors, camouflage for certain types of scars!   The result of permanent cosmetics is color under the surface of the skin,  not on top of the skin as with traditional makeup.  Tiny solid inert particles suspended in liquid, called pigment, are placed under the skin's surface into the true skin (dermis), by tattooing.  It's cosmetic tattooing!   

Is having permanent makeup painful?

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you will not experience a great deal of discomfort during or after your permanent makeup procedure. While it is not painless to receive permanent makeup, it is not painful, either. With the exception of lip procedures, very little discomfort is experienced, with eyeliner being the easiest to endure, and eyebrows rank second in discomfort for most people.  An anesthetic cream or a gel is applied to lessen  discomfort!  Most clients are thrilled with the results of their permanent makeup, just as much as they are thrilled with their level of comfort involved in  the process.  


How much does having permanent makeup cost?

$225 and up.   Please visit the Pricing page.

Before and After Eyebrows



What can I expect when I arrive for my appointment?

Expect to be in the office for about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours for a single procedure for your first appointment, depending upon which procedure you will have done.  Your subsequent appointment(s) will require less of your time.  Lips may require a little more time each visit. During your first appointment, you will complete a consent form (if one was not already submitted). There will be discussion and makeup design, before your permanent work is performed.  Aftercare will be discussed and you will receive written aftercare instructions plus a home-going aftercare kit.   


How do I care for my permanent makeup when I leave the studio?

The aftercare of each permanent cosmetics procedure varies only slightly.  However, the same basic principles are followed to prevent infection and scab formation.  Cheryl will discuss aftercare with you, give you written aftercare instructions and an After Care Kit to take home with you.  

How long before the procedure is completely healed?

While your permanent makeup may look healed sooner, it takes approximately 28-29 days for the skin to rejuvenate completely and replace the outer layer of skin (epidermis).  Even then, the newly formed skin is thin and immature, until about 6 weeks. For lips, it can take a little longer.

A "healing veil of skin" (Linda Dixon, MD) is a temporary fine film of skin, that is especially present for lip procedures, but is also part of the healing process for eyebrows and eyeliner procedures, as well.  It can initially dull or lighten the appearance of permanent makeup in spots or allover.  It generally dissipates by flaking off, unnoticed, by the 3rd week.




How long does permanent makeup last?  You may require a touch-up between 6- 24 months, depending upon the procedure done.  Although your permanent makeup may not be gone, you will likely want the color refreshed.   Other influencing factors determining how long your makeup will look its best, includes: lifestyle, medications, light or dark pigment colors used, your skin overtones and undertones, oily or dry skin, amount of melanin in your skin, your stress level, and even the geographical area in which you live.  

Is Microblading a tattoo, or not?

Yes, microblading is a tattoo.  The method is by a hand tool, instead of by machine.  

Is Microblading Permanent or Semi-Permanent?  

The claim that microblading is semi-permanent, is true for the practitioner who provides strokes shallowly into the skin and not into the true skin -- the dermis. Those will last about one - two months as the epidermis naturally exfoliates. 

Nevertheless, all hair-stroke brows and powder brows carry less pigment than the velvet brow.  So, speaking in general terms, since all skins are different, microbladed  hair-strokes need touched up before the velvet (solid) brow.  A pale shadow may remain with all permanent eyebrows, including hair-strokes.  Less pigment involved, means shorter life-span, generally.  Maintenance visits for  hair-strokes are usually requested in about one year, but for some people, less time, and some, longer.  Again, it is about the skin type, tones and colors used, lifestyle, medications, and other unknown factors.  No one really knows exactly why permanent makeup lasts longer for them than their own sister, even if done on the same day for each by the same professional.  


A touch-up of  previous permanent makeup costs anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 the original application, when design work was done.  Changes in design may incur an additional fee as well as an additional visit to complete the new permanent design if a follow-up is required.    

Does my age matter for having permanent makeup?
A client must be of legal age -- 18.  Proof of age by legal picture ID, such as a Driver's License, may be required for stated ages less than 35 years old. 


I had permanent makeup before, elsewhere, and I need a touch up. Can Cheryl help? 

Cheryl will be happy to see you, but as a new client, for your first visit.  Therefore, you'll receive a follow-up  visit after the first time you are seen.  Afterward, touch-ups will be at the established-client rate and are only one follow up visit. 


I'm not happy with the permanent makeup I had done elsewhere. Can Cheryl correct it?  Cheryl is expert at color and design and, therefore, often  performs permanent makeup corrections.  Clients are charged on an individual basis for corrections, depending upon the supplies, time, and level of expertise required, in order to resolve a problem.  Clients are encouraged to see their original professional who is obligated to a correct finished procedure.   If this is not possible, Cheryl is happy to see you, and offer options for corrections of color and design.

Permanent Makeup FAQs

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