Eyebrows: Tattooing done by Microblading, Velvet Brows, Powder Brows Includes 2 visits. First visit is approximately 2.5 hours, and about 1.5 hours for the Follow Up visit.) $450 Annual Touch-Ups (usually 1-3 years): This is a one-time visit that is usually 1.5 hours. $150 -Additional visits upon request 30-90 days following the appointment, $50/half hour One half hour minimum 3-Step Brows is a special needs eyebrow procedure, for when previous permanent makeup requires dramatic correction, especially of off-color. This procedure can also correct shape...hair-stroke/microblading can be performed in many instances --incurs 3 visits. (1.5 hours, 2.5 hours, 1.5 hours) $650 BEFORE AND AFTER


Upper & Lower Eyeliner Thickens the appearance of lashes and enhances eye shape. Pricing includes designs from "modest to moderate" designs for a bit of drama. Includes 2 visits. (2.5 - 3 hours, and 1 1/2 hours) $495 ​Want heavier designs or "tails?" Add $50 Touch-Ups (Usually 1.5 - 3.5 years): This is a one-time appointment, and is usually about 2 hours duration. $275 An additional visit at least 30-90 days afterward, $50/half hour One-half hour minimum Modest design: Moderate designs:


Upper Eyeliner designs thicken the appearance of upper lashes and enhance eye shape. Pricing includes a modest to moderate design. Includes 2 visits (2 hours, and 1.5 hours). $295 Want a heavier design or "tails?" Add $50 Touch-Ups (usually in 1.5 - 3.5 years): (This is a one-time appointment and is usually 1.5 hours long. $175 -You may request a 2nd visit after 30 and before 90 days. $50/per half hour -Half hour minimum


Lower Eyeliner defines and enhances eye shape and gives the appearance of thicker lower lashes using darker neutrals, or fashion colors for fun and eye color enhancement. Color and design can produce a subtle enhancement or really make your eyes pop! Includes 2 visits, (1.5 hours and 1 hour) $250 Touch-Ups (usually in 1-3 years): This is a one-time appointment, usually 1.5 hours. $175 -You may request an additional appointment at least 30 and before 90 days afterward. $50 per hlaf hour Half hour minimum


Lip Liner enhances "slight" fullness for lips and defines shape. Cheryl blends a bit of color into the fullness of the lips, so a stark line is prevented. *Note: If you've ever had a cold sore/fever blister, please call our studio to discuss your need for an antiviral prescription medication before booking. Includes 3 visits. (2.5 hours, 2.5 hours and 2 hours) $650 Touch-Ups (recommended annually X2 years, then as needed): This is a one-time 2.5 hour appointment. (Please remember your antiviral medication if needed.) $300 You may request a return visit, 60- 90 days afterward if needed, $50/half hour Half-hour minimum Full Lip Color Before and Immediately After (It's dark at first, but softens considerably in a few days' time)


Full Lip Color is suggested for moderate shape enhancement, or for those who simply desire the completeness of color for the entire lips, like lipstick.
*Note: If you ever had a cold sore/fever blister, please call our office to discuss the need for an antiviral medication. Includes 3 visits. ( 2.5 hours, 2.5 hours and 2 hours) Visits are scheduled 1-2 months apart. The 3rd visit may be saved for up to one year from the date of the original appointment. $750 Touch-Ups (recommended annually for the first 2 years, then as needed): The appointment is about 2.5 hours. Remember to get your prescription for an antiviral if needed. $350 You may request an additional appointment 60 - 90 days, $50 per half hour Half hour minimum


Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Areola pigmentation, post-mastectomy, is performed at no charge to the client.


New clients requesting a touch-up of work done  elsewhere, begin as new clients, having a new procedure. 


SERVICES REFUND POLICY: Although Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN, INC specializes in state of the art techniques that only require one touch-up (2 for lips and "3-step" brows), there are various skin types and undertones, and all types accept and retain pigment differently.


THEREFORE, NO GUARANTEES CAN BE MADE. Should a client fall into the percentage of those who do not easily retain pigment, additional follow-ups may be necessary.   Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN INC is dedicated to client satisfaction, however, Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN INC employs a NO REFUND POLICY.