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You Should Know...

  • NO deposit is required for online booking. NO credit card needed.

  • With the new reduced fees, cash or local check is preferred payment. As of now, credit cards are no longer accepted.  (We are looking into Zelle, but for the moment, only checks or cash are accepted.) Thank you.

  • You are able to make changes to your own appointment ONLINE up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

  • After scheduling, please text a close up photograph of the areas you are desiring makeup to be performed to 941 486 8039.  Please do so as soon as possible to insure your appointment acceptance.  Dont forget to identify yourself!

  • *Thank you -- Your participation in online booking and cash/check payments -- it helps keep prices low.

  • *Scroll down to book...

Instructions For Online Booking: 

Please note there are 3 Categories for booking:

(None of the categories include corrective or dramatic design work. 


All New Clients and Established Clients who want to book a NEW procedure. Scroll down to book.

CATEGORY 2.  Established clients ONLY, for touch-ups, usually 1+ years or more -- or any other time following the completion of your 2-visit procedure(s). This touch-up fee includes only one visit.  An additional visit will incur an additional fee.  Scroll down to book. 


CATEGORY 3.  Established clients ONLY - FOLLOW UP visit --  

after new procedures -- this is a one-time complimentary (no charge) follow-up to be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after your initial visit.  Scroll down to book.


  • By computer, there are 2 ways to book online.  You can: select "Services" or select "Book Now" on the top left of the page, select a service, either from the the drop-down menu, or list of services descriptions below. Select the desired service, then select a date and time.

  • By mobile phone, tap "Book Now."  Select from the service descriptions, and choose your date by swiping the calendar dates horizontally. Available appointment times will be shown below.   You can book ahead as many as 365 days in advance.

  • Scroll down to book...

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