Booking  Policies

For new procedures, a $50 deposit is requested for each procedure at the time of scheduling the appointment, and it is applied toward the purchase price of your permanent makeup. 


Deposits are immediately refunded if an appointment is canceled or rescheduled in a timely manner -- before 48 business hours of the appointment.

Example:  Business hours are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.  If the appointment you are canceling is scheduled for 10am on a Monday, please cancel no later than 10am of the previous Thursday, so that the vacancy can be filled. 

Please consider your future plans before scheduling.  Deposits will be 100% retained, for cancellations received inside 48 business hours of a scheduled appointment and a new deposit of $50 will be required when rescheduling. The receptionist will usually call to confirm your appointment about a week in advance, for your convenience.


Follow-up  and Touch-up Appointments:  If you need to cancel your follow-up or touch-up appointment, please also adhere to the 48-hour policy above.  While no deposit is collected for these appointments with Cheryl, failure of a client to cancel a follow-up or touch-up appointment in a timely manner, possibly causes a gap in the schedule, and so incurs a $25 follow-up/touch-up re-booking fee to reschedule if the space cannot be adequately filled.   Please consider your future plans when scheduling.  Receptionists will call to confirm your appointment about a week in advance. Thank you for your understanding.


SERVICES REFUND POLICY: Although Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN, INC specializes in state of the art techniques that only require one touch-up (2 for lips and 3-step brows), there are various skin types and undertones, and all types accept and retain pigment differently. THEREFORE, NO GUARANTEES CAN BE MADE. Should a client fall into the percentage of those who do not easily retain pigment, additional follow-ups may be necessary at a nominal fee. Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN INC is dedicated to client satisfaction, however, Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN INC employs a NO REFUND POLICY.

Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN,   530 US HWY 41 BYP S,  SUITE 24A,   VENICE, FL  34285,    PH: 941-486-8039 (MAP)