We are happy to hear from potential class models.  Live models are an essential ingredient in the successful completion of permanent makeup training.

Only virgin skin or very pale, faded, correctly applied, previous permanent makeup work is permissible subject skin. In advanced classes, correctional work may be allowed.


Models pre-pay at the time of scheduling, and receive permanent makeup at greatly reduced prices (less than half-price).  The fee is non-refundable for ANY reason, unless class becomes canceled. No exceptions!  Please understand how very disappointing it must be for a student to be cheated out of an education because of a canceled model.  So, we ask you to be certain that you want to become a model, and to consider your future plans, when committing.


Contact information is exchanged at the time of the initial procedure, so If additional work is needed, the model may follow up with the student for a visit in about 6 weeks.  If the student lives out of the area, Cheryl will follow up with the model needing additional work done.

To become a class model:

1. You must reside within driving distance.


2. Email Cheryl , with "Model" in the subject line.

3. Include your name, mailing address, email address and telephone number. 

4. List the procedure(s) you would like to have performed by a student, and describe whether or not you have had previous work done to the area(s).


5. Submit closeup photos of the procedure area(s).

6. You will be contacted by the studio regarding your request.   

Thank you!

The next class:  If there is no class scheduled in the immediate future,  you can still be added to the model list by following the instructions above.   You will be contacted when there is an upcoming class.

Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN,   530 US HWY 41 BYP S,  SUITE 24A,   VENICE, FL  34285,    PH: 941-486-8039 (MAP)