Permanent Makeup - by Cheryl A. Doss, RN
 SofTap ™  Permanent Makeup Training Certification Class

Cheryl says: 

      As a Certified SofTap™ instructor, I teach qualified professionals the SofTap hand-method.  It is the method I use myself, everyday, for my own clients.  While I have mastered the machine methods, I have always believed SofTap™ to be the easiest method to learn and master.  It is also most safe and comfortable, being preferred by the clients I've talked to who have had both the machine and hand methods performed for them.   SofTap™is 100% disposable, too, which means cleanup is a snap, assuring ease of cleanliness and sterility in the busy workplace in the most reliable way. Finally, and most importantly, I believe SofTap™ is superior at providing the most natural looks and some dramatic looks too!

Price of Class: Eyebrows $2500, Eyeliner $2500, Lips $2500 
Home study, plus 3 days in class for each specialty.

Live Models:  Students perform 6-7 eyebrows procedures,  4-5 eyeliners or 4-5 lips procedures under Cheryl's assistance and direct supervision in class.

Kit:  A kit valued at $300 is provided at no additional charge.

How Many Trainees Permitted in Class? Two (2) 
On special days there may be seminars for groups of established permanent makeup artists.

Mentoring:  Cheryl is your mentor for as long as you have questions. An additional permanent makeup room in the studio can be reserved by former trainees wishing to perform procedures before they have set up their own studio.  There is a room rental fee. 

Who is eligible to take these classes?

Licensed Tattoo Artists, only (To get your license, take an approved BBP course and apply to your county health department for a license...please see below)

First Things First: Please Read CAREFULLY
Current Florida laws require that EVERY person tattooing the skin, whether a student or seasoned professional, must FIRST acquire a Florida Tattoo Artist Permit before working on faces, and must perform only in a licensed tattoo establishment. There are no exceptions.
Permanent Makeup by Cheryl A Doss RN Tattoo Establishment license number is:  58-44-1406444.  You will need to submit this information to your county when you apply for your permit.
So, you, the student must obtain a Florida Tattoo Permit BEFORE coming to class. he way to get that is to take a Florida-approved Blood Born Pathogens course and exam, and then submit your certificate as you apply for a tattoo license through your county health department to the state of Florida, Department of Environmental Health. 
If you are coming from out of state, then you may contact the Sarasota County office at:
941-861-6675 and ask for Mrs. Colbert.  She will direct you further for receiving a temporary license while in training.
Candidates may take the blood born pathogens course in person or online.  To read more about Florida tattoo licensure, go to:
Or you can go directly to this Florida-approved ONLINE course: Bloodborne Pathogens & Communicable Diseases for Florida Tattoo Artists.  You can take the 4 hour course from your computer and receive your certificate immediately.  Present your certificate to your county Health Department, division of Environmental Health, along with your application for a Tattoo Artist Permit. Click the photo-link below to take the BBP course now.

The cost for your personal tattoo license is about $65.    Out of state residents taking this training class, will need to secure a temporary license (see above).  
How Does Training Work?
Summary:  Training begins with home study.  A student receives a theory manual that includes study questions and projects that train the mind's eye.  

During the first day of class, the manual is reviewed,  lecture and discussions follow.  Makeup design and SofTap™ products are introduced.  Practice with SofTap™ tools and pigments are performed on pretend-skin.  

The remainder of class days are devoted to performing permanent makeup procedures on live models with discussions each day regarding set-up, OSHA standards, and infection control, makeup design, SofTap products and services, marketing...all as needed.  Bring your camera and bring your questions.  Homework may be given.  A progress exam reinforces knowledge and experience obtained during training.  A SofTap™ Certificate is awarded for each individual specialty at completion and the student is deemed competent to provide the service.

Must I take all 3 Specialty Classes?
You may take one, two or all three specialty classes in any order.  Once you receive your Specialty Certificate, you are qualified to provide the service(s) for which you were trained.  For example, if you would like to specialize in eyebrows to start, after you have received your certificate of completion, you can begin providing permanent eyebrow services.  If you decide to provide additional services, you can return for another SofTap ® specialty training session at anytime in the future.  It is important to know that before providing services, you must make application to your city, county, and state, government levels.   See disclaimer.
When Are Classes Held?
Training dates are mutually decided upon between the trainee and Cheryl.  Occasionally a continuing education seminar will be a scheduled event.
How Is Class To Be Secured? Paid?
Once a training date has been decided upon, you may secure the class date with a deposit of $500. A credit card may be used.  Study materials are then mailed to the trainee. The balance needs to be paid in full before class commences via cashier's check. 

"Tattoo Artist Licensure
All persons who tattoo the body of a human being must be licensed in Florida as a tattoo artist. This includes persons who practice cosmetic tattooing, which is also known as permanent makeup or micropigmentation, and students or apprentices who tattoo human beings as part of their tattoo training.
Effective January 1, 2013, any unlicensed person engaged in tattooing will be subject to administrative penalties."