Permanent Makeup - by Cheryl A. Doss, RN
Permanent Makeup FAQs

What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattooing process, performed to enhance the natural features of your face -- eyebrows, eyeliner, lip shaping, lip liner, full lip color -- beauty marks!   The result of permanent cosmetics is color in the skin,  not on top of the skin as with traditional makeup.  Tiny inert particles suspended in liquid, called pigment, are placed under the skin's surface into the true skin, the dermis, by tattooing.  It's cosmetic tattooing.   
Is having permanent makeup painful?
You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you will not experience great discomfort during or after your permanent makeup procedure. While it is not painless to receive permanent makeup, it is not painful either. With the exception of lip procedures, very little discomfort is experienced.  A cream or a gel to lessen any discomfort is applied!  Most clients are thrilled with the results of their permanent makeup, just as much as they are thrilled with their level of comfort involved in  the process.  
How much does having permanent makeup cost?
Please visit the Pricing page link to the left for pricing of all procedures.  
What can I expect when I arrive for my appointment?
Expect to be in the office for about 1 1/2 hours for a single procedure for your first appointment.  Your subsequent appointment(s) will require less of your time.  Lips may require a little more time.During your first appointment, you will complete a consent form. There will be discussion, makeup design, and your permanent work will be performed.  You will receive aftercare instructions and a home-going aftercare kit.   
How do I care for my permanent makeup when I leave?
The aftercare of each permanent cosmetics procedure varies slightly between the different procedures.  Mostly, however, the same principle is followed.  Cheryl will discuss aftercare with you, give you written aftercare instructions and an After Care Kit to take home with you.  Goals for Immediate Aftercare:1.  Prevent infection
2.  Prevent a scab (eschar) from forming.
3.  Avoid direct sunlight or exfoliating skin care products.Goals for Long Term Aftercare:1.  Prevent premature color-fading by avoiding prolonged sun exposure and by using sun-protective accessories and sunscreen for best preservation of color. 
Does my age matter when having permanent makeup?
Cheryl will provide permanent cosmetics only for anyone 21 years of age or older.  Even though Florida state law requires a minimum age of 18 without parental consent and 16 with parental consent, Cheryl feels as though the client for permanent cosmetics needs to be mature enough to realize this is permanent work which will be performed on the face and a younger woman may have style changes in preferences as she matures. Otherwise, permanent makeup is for all ages.

I had permanent makeup before and need a touch up. 
Can Cheryl help? Cheryl will be happy to see you for a touch-up. 
I'm not happy with permanent makeup I had done before. Can Cheryl correct my old permanent makeup?
Cheryl is expert at permanent makeup corrections, however, she reserves the right to refuse some corrections which may best be left alone for awhile or treated by laser. She is happy to see you in consult and advise to her best ability.  Charges vary for corrective work.  Cheryl will see you in consultation at no charge, however.
How long does permanent makeup last?  You may require a touch-up between 1 - 10 years.  This is the industry standard answer, because every skin is very different and holds on to the pigment differently.   There are various external influencing factors, also, including lifestyle, medications, colors used for your permanent makeup and more.  Although permanent makeup rarely fades away completely, the quality may need refreshing on an average of 1 1/2  -  2 years.  The good news is that when you need a touch-up, it will only cost a fraction of the original price.  
Please describe the different permanent makeup procedures that you do.
Eyebrows:  Eyebrows can be applied as a soft-fill (solid) eyebrow or as a hair-stroked (hair-like) eyebrow.  
Lash Enhancement:   A lash enhancement is performed for the  purpose of enhancing upper eye-shape, and creating the appearance of thick eyelashes.  Color is placed in the upper lash-line.  The lower eyelashes are are not  involved in a lash enhancement.  When color is applied to the lower lash-line, it is considered eyeliner.  
Eyeliner:  Eyeliner enhances the shape of the eye and the appearance of thick eyelashes.  In addition, when the eye is closed, color is visible on the lid and this is how it differs from a lash enhancement.  This creates more drama for the eye.  The shape of the eye can be modified using eyeliner,  by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the eyeliner.  For instance, many women prefer the outer, upper eyelid to be enhanced with a slightly thicker application of color than at the inner aspect which elongates the appearance of the eye, as well as makes the eyes look a little larger and further apart.   Eyeliner Tails:  Tails can further enhance the shape of the eye and thickness of the lashes for some.   Note:  Cheryl is very discriminating when it comes to producing tails for eyeliner.  Only tasteful tails will be applied. 
Lip-Shaping:  With lip shaping, you will enjoy a slight lift to your natural lip color and a lip shape that is enhanced...that is, your own natural lips will be defined, and more shapely.
Lip Liner:  This is an obvious line accentuating the vermilion border of the lips.  Cheryl may suggest Lip Liner with a Blend, which decreases the appearance of a distinct line.  When a client desires a dramatic increase in the shape of the lips, full lip color is the better choice.
Full Lip Color:  This is the complete lip -- lip shape is enhanced plus color is added for shapely, colorful lips.*All lip enhancements noted above help prevent the "bleeding" of applied traditional lipstick.  "Bleeding" refers to the escape of applied lipstick into the little vertical lines above and below mature lips.   
Beauty Marks: 
No, Cheryl cannot enhance the appearance of your mole!
But, yes, she can  create  the  appearance  of  one  where  none  exists!