Permanent Makeup - by Cheryl A. Doss, RN
Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Please Read:

Since 1997, Cheryl has maintained affordable pricing, in spite of her 20 years of full time service, high level of expertise and Best of Venice status!
However, some pricing is undergoing changes.  You will notice (in pink on the right side of this page) that even though some procedures may cost more than last years schedule of fees, pricing is still very competitive! 
Cheryl looks forward to helping you achieve a beautiful day, every day, through permanent cosmetics that enhance your natural features plus remove worry and fuss from any activity, day or evening!

                                                        Thank you! 

Eyebrows:  $375 (Yes, Cheryl does microblade 3-D brows!  or brows can be a solid/soft fill)

Upper Eyeliner  $275  (2 hrs)
Lower Eyeliner  $225  (1.5 hrs)
Lip Liner Blended  $425 (2 hrs)
Full Lip Color  $525 (2.5 hrs)
Areola Coloration:  $625 ($0 for breast cancer survivors) (2.5 hrs)

Ongoing Special -  Once you have your first procedure, any additional new procedures that you would like are $25 off, anytime you decide.  Example:  You're having upper ($275) and lower ($225) eyeliner today. One procedure is full price and the other is $25 off, so your total is $475, instead of $500. 

One follow-up touch-up is provided for each of the above procedures, scheduled in at least 4 weeks, up to one year, from your original visit, at no additional charge! 

Future Touch-up visits after your follow-up touch up (usually in about 1 1/2 - 2 years) :

Brows $125 -until Dec 31st- (If you call after January 1st, the price for an eyebrow touch up will be $135)
Upper Eyeliner $125 -until Dec 31st- (If you call after January 1st, upper eyeliner touch-up will be $140)
Lower Eyeliner $125 
Lip Liner with Blend $175
Full Lip Color $195

*If you wait too long to have a touch up, and your makeup is barely visible, you may need to start fresh with a new procedure and a touch-up. You will receive a $25 discount on any new procedures.

Touch-up visits are one visit  If a touch-up is required after this visit, a nominal fee will be charged per individual, depending upon the amount of desired work. Minimum charge: $75 and up, depending upon the need of the client.


New Clientsdesiring a touch-up of work originally done by another professional, start fresh as a new client receiving a new procedure, and one follow-up touch-up visit is included.


Cheryl is expert at color and design and, therefore, often  performs permanent makeup corrections. There is a minimum fee of $75 for correction services in addition to any further work requested. Clients are charged on an individual basis for corrections, depending upon the supplies,time and level of expertise required in order to resolve a problem. 

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