Permanent Makeup - by Cheryl A. Doss, RN
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by Cheryl A. Doss, R.N. 

For Permanent Makeup Students and Professionals


    Better in some ways than a video! -- eBooks are easily accessed chair-side companions. Print copies to keep in your studio, on your reference shelf, or place needed pages in clear plastic sleeves as a handy quick reference during procedures...not bulky or elusive...eBooks are immediately available to you and are less expensive than other continuing education media!  

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Fabulous! Hair-Strokes 

First seen in Cosmetech Magazine in 2002Hair-Strokes, by Cheryl Doss, was a 3-page article that captured the permanent makeup industry's attention!  Now Fabulous! Hair-Strokes, the eBook, contains more graphics, more details, more step-by step, illustrated instructions for creating sensational, natural-looking permanent hair-stroke eyebrows using the manual method.  Notes are included for machines users, too!  Here is your very first eBook on the subject!  Add this to your  library of permanent cosmetics how-to-books. 

Fabulous! Hair-Strokes contains 15 pages of step-by-step highly specialized information --technique for providing your clients with lovely, natural-looking brows.  The "Tips and Trouble-Shooting" section addresses various possible situations.   No hired models.  These are real people and real procedures.  Your clients will be wondering why they ever waited so long to visit you!  "I can't believe it! This is the best thing I've EVER done for myself!" -- "My eyebrows looked so natural from the start that no one even noticed I'd had anything applied!"  That's what your clients will by saying to you!   Master the art of permanent hair-stroke eyebrows and you will be amazed at how quickly you will be creating the loveliest of natural-looking expressions! 

15 Pages
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Fabulous! Hair-Strokes II

           Taking professionals to the next level of understanding, this learning module provides all of the informational tools relevant to providing natural looking hair-stroke eyebrows just like Fabulous! Hair-Strokes I, but is considered a stronger orientation to the subject.   This text is especially for 1) the new professional, 2) seasoned professionals wishing to secure a deeper understanding of the hair-strokes technique and 3) instructors to assist them in their training of students. 
       Expanded and revised, Fabulous! Hair-Strokes II evolves!  With 37+ pages of informational tools and instruction for the development of professionals,  heightened educational qualities are manifest in Fabulous! Hair-Strokes II.
     Simple projects are presented to train the mind’s eye.  A glossary of terms is included and each small section in the module is followed by a mini-exam, helping each student to retain cumulative knowledge throughout the course.  A final exam appears at the end of the module to strengthen and reinforce learned skills.  
     Beyond instructional, this e-text will help you master hair-stroke eyebrow techniques for both women and men!  The manual technique as well as machine techniques are addressed.

37 Pages
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The Melanin Factor

What Colors Will You Choose?    
One of the frustrating experiences for permanent cosmetics students and new professionals is choosing pigment colors to be used. 
The Melanin Factor and Color Theory eBook is brought to you as a scientific factor in the artful prediction of color outcomes in permanent cosmetic applications.  Skin overtones, undertones, pitch and more are discussed. The Melanin Factor has  photos/illustrations on nearly every page.
 "This gives you so much to consider about color and peoples' skins.  It's probably one of the best writings I've ever seen on the subject of color theory and skin...makes you think for yourself...Thank You!"   MS-Iowa

38 Pages
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Permanent Makeup Manual  

Here is a basic, comprehensive permanent makeup manual especially for learning the hand method of performing permanent cosmetic applications.  But, there's more!

1.  History and Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics
2.  Infection Control
3.  Anatomy and Histology of Skin
4.  The Consultation
5.  Color and Pigment Theory
6.  Facial Morphology
7.  Procedures (Includes Hair-Stroke Brows)
8.  Business Applications
"A teacher's assistant and a student's companion."

177 Pages
Instant Download  $129