Permanent Makeup - by Cheryl A. Doss, RN
     Go ahead!  Swim!  Golf!  Play tennis!  Dance the night away!
(Or just sleep in a little each morning!)
Now you can, and with a great new confidence in your appearance
during any activity or any kind of weather!
Hair-Stroke Eyebrow Embroidery for Eyebrows!
Maybe the hair-growth in your brow region is soft, fine, barely noticeable.  A few hair-like strokes of  color may be all that you need that will fill in and make your brows look lush -- full again!
But you are not alone, if your brows are very sparse or even absent such as it is for this model.  Permanent Hair-Stoke Brows provide a natural-looking solution for many women (and some gentlemen, too)!
Permanent Eyeliner stays beautifully for years for most people.  This example of eyeliner was photographed 4 years after application.
Permanent Lip Color is wonderful for defining
lip shape and giving back some fullness.

     You, too, can know the lasting beauty and wonderful convenience of permanent cosmetics by Cheryl, with no more time wasted applying and reapplying your makeup.  Be sure to visit the photo galleries, and call anytime with questions and to schedule your appointment.